Thursday, August 19, 2010

What It Means To Be Us!

I am and have always been by your side, even when the thickest of nights black hid the stars from our gaze. No mans triumph is with out wounds, no mans success is with out pain. Your journey has always been filled with tribulations for which you alone have challenged and over come.

It is the wisdom that you seek that keeps you aloft and it is the wisdom that you possess that many aspire to have. Life has been both teacher & Master, never simple, never crude, just our own manifestations that we bear!


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Morning I knew!

It was morning and I opened my eyes to your smile. The twitch of your lips made me smile and remember my luck. My warm hand caressed your brow down the side of your face – neck to chest. I rested my hand there feeling the pulse of your heart. I could feel a change in my own pulse as it sped up to match pace with your own. The sandy bits of pebble in that old ornate hourglass hanging above the bed seemed to move in reverse. For a moment we lived each other’s life! The morning was gone and the afternoon sun crept through the windows. We embraced each other with no words from our lips. It was in that moment I realized it had always been you!