Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love meeting new people. I've recently, this year met a few people that I have come to care about. It would seem that we have developed a friendship and it appears go be growing. I enjoy talking to them both and wish that they were near or vice verse. I would say that the relationship between both people make me very happy. The both help me deal with this world and the other creatures that live here.

One of the buddies, I will call him Buck, has a great mind, fantastic in the way he phrases words. He's a good guy with a good heart, but I sometime feel that something is missing when we talk. I can feel his bad days and awkward events. I am sad sometime when we speak because I feel that I cannot help him, because he is so far from me. Yes, I am aware that just talking can heal many wounds, but there are somethings that a phone call, internet chatting, video phoning will not heal. Some place in the back of his mind, he knows that I am not near and although my words my comfort; they do not heal.

Its crazy, but sometimes you just need a hug... Not from the people around you, not from mom, not from dad, brother or sister. Sometimes you just need that hug from your friend! You need a hug, a smile, the sound of their voice accompanied by the breath that gave those words meaning. Warm blood pumping from a heart that cares for his friend... That is what I need... That is what I want... and I will wait to get it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

- Republicans or Democrats -

I had to ask myself if there were other candidates for President that I would vote for other than Barack Obama. Before today, I would have told you "no, there are no other candidates I would consider." I knew that Ron Paul existed, I knew that he had a message, but what I didn't know was exactly what Ron Paul's message was.

I've been reading a little bit about Mr. Paul and I have to say that the man with two first names doesn't seem so bad... Yes, we all know that Ron Paul is a Republican. But what does that mean--to be a Republican? If it means having a plan for this country The United States. If it means bringing home the soldiers that protect us from harm, and not just from Iraq but from around the world. If it means restoring dignity to this great country. If it means bringing about national medical coverage, if it means smaller Government, if it means returning to diplomacy than I guess I may be a Republican.

It's sad that I've spend many years of my life thinking that Liberals were better... Well, not completely, but it seemed like liberals were for me, fighting the good fight, bringing justice to the weak, the minority, and the poor. I'm not gullible, I'm not that naive person that only watches local TV news and compares that to the rest of the world.

The odd thing is that for some reason I feel naive today, I felt like a secret had been kept from me and all it took was a New York Times article and Youtube to bring this little secret called Ron Paul to light. So, no, I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat either, I'm a man on a mission very much like the man that I've recently discovered; Mr. Ron Paul.


Monday, May 26, 2008


Hold open our eyes - for what we see as being so clear is only meant to hind the truth from us.

But I say to you, hold open your eyes to what must be done; that being, you must learn the truth.

Carry with you the only hope you have, that being optimism.

Optimism is the key; this is the means to which we must travel, and on our journey, it is our optimism that will unlock the truth behind all closed doors.

Our eyes are not yet open, veiled by worldly goods and lies of a better way of life.

Yet I remain optimistic, I attempt to use my key to unlock all closed doors. Stay true to your path, for what lies within is deceit and mistrust.

There are those who would squander or even deplete this precious resource which is needed to find the truth, and it is for this very reason that I sleep each night with my optimistic key tucked beneath my pillow.

Mindless Fiends


Just a joke or so it seemed,

they flew out into the night like demons or fiends

A group of many we fought upon one,

he had not a chance soon it would all be done.

Beating him down with joy and grace,

you could see the rage within our face.

Kick after kick, blow after blow,

on the ground again he goes.

As one whom stood by and did not a thing,

I had the nerve to feel no shame.

With all me strength my power and my might

I was so helpless to stop such a crazy “Fight”……….

In The Name Of!

I am surprised to see so many responses to what people have said here, this is most interesting to me considering the topics of which people here discuss.

What does it mean to make a statement that is profound? How does this change us as individuals? Do we believe if we say something that appears to be profound that it will change our thinking, or are we every bit as ignorant as we were when we started? How do we find the strength to protest what we believe is wrong, yet we fail to rise to a worthy challenge? Why is it that everyone else’s cause becomes our cause and only those who see themselves as virtuous attempt to aid those who are in a false sense of need?

We talk about God as if he/she was running water. We us God’s name to justify our actions, and we speak in Gods place as if we really have in inkling of what the Lord really wants from us. Did it every occur to anyone that maybe God wanted us to learn things for ourselves, that maybe God provided us with all the tools we would ever need to learn about him/her? It is so easy for us to speak on the behalf of the Almighty, reason being, we are afraid to speak for ourselves.

“The Lord said don’t do this, don’t do that, but to do this and to do that.” We speak with such certainty in Gods name and perform some of the most horrific acts in under the banner of righteousness; how can we? What powers have the Lord bestowed upon us that we, his/her/it’s children could ever comprehend what it is like to be omnipotent?

The question here isn’t who or what do you believe in, nor is it, what can God do for us, or help us with. The answer is, God gave us all strength, durability, heart, spirit, mind, and most importantly, choice. It is these things that are the greatest gift any one could ever ask for or want. Use what was given to us wisely, for it is not in our nature to naturally acknowledge our weakness, rather it is to deny them. Moreover, if we accept and learn from our weaknesses, it will make us invincible and that will be the greatest tool for good this world will ever see.

- Endless Future II -

My passion for you is as deep as the deepest ocean.
My love for you carries me over mountains and into
the terrain of your heart. Your light brightens every
dark hour I've ever had. You contain the seeds of life
that allows us to grow. We both water the flowers of
our friendship. We past nothing nor take anything for
granted. My one time, lifetime, everything, friend. I take
all that you supply and give all that I'm able. I put side
my fears with your help. I break down wall so that we
can see. With your help, I will always be free, never
alone as far I the human soul can see.

- Endless Future -

I will hear you! Time, over time, over time, over time, and again.
When my nights are your days and your days are my nights.
I will stand at the shores and hear you through turbulent seas.
Your voice will reach my conscious soul and unconscious mind.
I will awake standing at the gates of our friendship with hands
open, awaiting your arrival. For our timeless days has just begun.


- EnFree -

The Dead Can Dance fills my head with thoughts of freedom,

freedom of what I ask myself. Because I know that in the

company of my mind, I can never truly be free. So the Dead

Can Dance on.

- Love, Why? -

I think we all hope to obtain love some day and hopefully by someone that truly loves us back. But, how can we ever be sure that the one we believe to be the love of all love is in deed that true love. Why do we want it so bad? The answer is, love can lift, motivate and remove burdens. Love can also crush, destroy, and even cause us to kill. So, why is it that we try so hard to find this ever elusive feeling; this thing that is the end all purpose of mate-dom.

I can say with certainty that I’ve been a fool for love and without the gratifying ending that so many Hollywood films depict. You know the one I'm talking about--with the loving couple that reunite at the end and live happily-every-after. In my mind, it would be the most spiteful of all jokes if the Gods placed love among us for their own personal entertainment. Can you imagine those narcissistic bastards sitting among the heavens watching us rip each other apart, beg for their help to find some reason to fall in love once more and repeat that cycle all over again? So I say; love, Why?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our island



work work work!!!

Hey well, it's another day in the little world that is me! :) I have to say that there are a few things that really make me happy. First would be a very cool person that I've met and he's a good guy with an fantastic smile and fabulous sense of humor; YEAH HIM! :)

Anyway, I've been off from work for nearly three months due to some recovery time. But its time to return to the pits of work! Well, maybe not pit, but you get the point. I thought I would have started off with some lite work, but I didn't. I not only started working at my old job, but I went out and got a second job.

Yes, I know some of you may be thinking, "why?" While, I have a goal. That goal is to look at places around the world as a possible destination, a place to live either long-term or short-term. So, I must work like the little/big bee that I am an pay off bills, pay down my debt, and become free of the financial bounds that hold me captive! lol.

I figure by fall of 2009 if I keep to my schedule I'll be at least half down the road that I want. And to make things a bit more exciting, I'm going to a walking adventure , with the another goal of walking off some weight to become a healthier person. Although the salami & cheese sandwich with potato chips this morning didn't help... haha...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Close Your Eyes

I close my eyes. I cannot see. I put one foot out in front of the other. I can feel the ground beneath me. I can feel something inside of me. Its the feeling of fear, accompanied by excitement and the butterflies in my belly. Its the unknown, you see... No, you don't. But you could. Just close your eyes and walk down your hallway. Close your eyes and try to move and object from one place to another. I really enjoy the sight of no-sight. I love the feeling, the tingle of life that this exercise provides. I think I'm going to keep these feelings, bottle them up, and open them when ever I need that tingling sensation of life!

The Loop!

Now that you've gotten yourself out of bed, walked to the bath room, jumped out of the shower, dressed yourself for work. You had your super quick breakfast or none at all. You head to your 9 to 5, smoke break when you can, time to go, fought the traffic home. You zapped your microwave dinner and stressed over your bills. Now watching American media that lies to you. You watch the commercials that tell you are ugly or fat or stupid or have a small penis or inject this poison into your forehead it will remove winkles.

'NEW FLASH,' the microwave food you just ate has Ecoli. You freak, you try to write down the lot number the News caster announced. You call your physician that you can't afford, because your 9 to 5 doesn't cover Ecoli. You stress even more because now all the hard work that you put into your 9 to 5 seems like a waste, because now your going to die before you can spend it all. For a brief moment you forget about the Ecoli announcement and you ponder who will end up with your money.

Now you feel really sick, and the walls are closing in, and you can't seem to breathe. The lights seem a little darker, and the TV sounds a little less audible, and your stomach seems to bubble and churn. Your faith... Oh, your faith seems to be the only way out. So you pray and you pray and you pray, and you pass out~

You wake many hours later and its morning. You are on the floor where your meal is glued to your face and the acid from your belly leaves the soft flesh of your cheeks sensitive; tender. You don't feel so good, but you get up, go to the bath room, jumped out of the shower, dressed yourself for work, had your super quick breakfast or none at all, you head to your 9 to 5, and you start all over again!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The World We Wish

The world can be a crazy and mad place to live in. The world around us challenges even the strongest and most noble of warriors. Many with the best of intent have tried to change the world and their attempts have been met with opposition, criticism, and even anger. Men and Women alike have put their best foot forward to achieve a world of reason. Many visionaries have perished, but not before sowing the seeds of the next generation of visionaries.

These new children of the world are faced with even more adversity than their predecessors. Todays children are born into a world of greater greed, war, global domination, and opportunities that distract them from the truth. This new front in which todays youth are challenged carries a burden unlike that of their fathers, which is all the more reason to be on their guard. For the children of today, the same sword that they wield in battle would be their undoing.

It is unto the children of today--that the fate of our people, our world, hang in the balance. So, who will stand with you? Who will face the guillotine to save the world from itself? Who will melt the world in their hands and to mold it into a world we wish to live in?