Monday, March 29, 2010

Baecon of Hope

There are times when I know you are tired and you cannot stand on your feet. I know that off in the distance you feel alone and helpless. Close your eyes and put one foot into the waters of the unknown. Now place the other foot in and lay back. stretch your arms out wide and move them through the water.

Release your fear for I am your support. If you cannot swim, I will be your life-raft. Breathe in deep and exhale slowly. Time is absence and we control its hands. Stay focused on your goal - for at the end of this endeavor - you will be successful.

I will let go - one hand at a time - so that you may swim on your own. Keep moving and don't stop. If you get lost - I'll be a beacon of positive hope floating out in the waters of time, so that you will always be able to find your way home.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, my little brother was sick and decided that he shouldn't be the only one feeling crappy, coughing, sneezing, achy head and not being able to rest. So he devised a plan that would shake up the house. This little monkey, started coughing on everyone that came near him... despite the fact that we were trying our best to provide some basic feel good care.

Upon my first cough/sneeze I caulked it up to my allergies - right!? - WRONG! I was sick with a cold... My head, back, body, everything was achy. I had a slight fever and I could hear off in the distance a chuckle from my "CHEEKY" little brother. Not only did he get me sick, but he got My mom, my brother, my boyfriend, and two friends sick as well!!!! He need an ASS WOOPEN! But what can I do... I love him - even if he did make us all sick!


Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sad Day In My World!!!

This week was suppose to be a happy week for my Persian family. My Persian father (Iraj) had come home from the hospital and was doing better as he had been ill and in recovery. I took my vacation to come home to visit him, knowing he wasn't well. March 2nd, was a great day... My Persian father turn a whopping 70 years old and what made the day even better, my little brother was home from Iran to be with his father! We had a good time. I washed dads face, arms & feet, he smiled. I prepared to leave and head back to Philadelphia; I hugged dad, mom, my little brothers, Rooz and Sep then headed home. I knew soon it would be Norooz The Persian New Year and my little brother Rooz's birthday!

I was happy to know that I had seen dad just in case something happened while I was in Philadelphia. I told my boss that I wanted to pop back home for a short weekend to visit dad... I called my little bro and he told me that dad wasn't doing well. I had worked a long day and was a bit tired... but decided to rest a bit then drive 10 hours back to Michigan to see dad before he passes. I woke up and called home to check in. Ali, a wonderful friend and close member of my extended family told me that dad died the moment I called!

I couldn't believe it... This wonderful man that married a wonderful woman who gave birth to two amazing sons and accepted me as their son without criticism of who I was as a person... who didn't care about my past... who didn't care about anything other than loving me and opening their home to me was now GONE! There wasn't a day, a second, a moment that dad (Iraj) didn't love me, talk to me, motivate me... And I am sad to say that on this NOROOZ... I will not have him... I will not see his wonderful smile, I will miss his voice... I will miss the man I called father!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Why is my old friend hanging out with my man.... and lying to me about the reason? please tell me!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never enough in the World!

Everyone in the world is working at break-neck speed. You may ask your self why, or for what. A friend of mine put up an interesting post on his blog. It was about the break-neck pace of work, money, sex, & ultimately power. I am a man who lives in a world where I must work to live. I must work to purchase food, I must keep the light & heating fuel going.

But is there a point when you've achieved the basic necessities of life that being food and a roof over your head, is there a need to go further? Why should we want to go any further than the basic needs of life. What happen to the days of just reading a good book? What happen to person to person correspondence that we so depended upon before Email, Instant messengers, Mobile phones, etc?

Technology has been a wonderful advancement in how we as human reach and respond to each other. Technology has been great in allowing us to be more connected, however, it has also had an adverse affect. Technology allows us to see horrific, terrible acts being preformed around the world. We sit in front of our HDTV's, our fancy computers, and watch from a far without haven't to interact with those in trouble, those in need of assistance. We may even send some money to a charity that sends money to HATTI! But we feel good after sending that little bit of money and our conscience is here by cleared!

So what is our issue, what the F%@k is our problem? Why is just a little never enough? Ask yourself, Why can't we be real with ourselves so we can be real with the rest of the world? This goes well beyond just you and me; its the world. Please can someone send me to MARS!!!