Monday, December 14, 2009

The Xmas - Gift

Christmas is nearly here and I still haven't done any shopping yet! I keep telling my other half that I'm already gone shopping for Christmas. I was happy when we put up the Christmas Tree... I suppose some may find it a bit odd that I have a Muslim partner who has a Christmas Tree in his apartment!

So, we went shopping a couple of days ago and he pointed out one of the gifts that I am getting him for Christmas. I did everything in my power to persuade him that it would be better to get it after Christmas because it would be on sell... or we could find it cheaper else where! LOL...

what a silly little game -- I mean, we invest all this energy and time in a gift that most of us aren't even sure if that person will even like what we got them! Oh, well... I hope he likes this gift! I do thing we have a pretty cute Christmas Tree!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


1. I am not heterosexual
2. I love cooking books & magazines, but I never cook the recipes in them.
3. I have lied to protect my idea of self worth
4. My favorite colors are navy blue & emerald green, but I wear mostly gray & black.
5. I love coffee and often drink too much of it.
6. I can speak “some” Chinese, but sometimes I show off in front of others.
7. My sneakers stink!
8. I snore something wicked.
9. Driving is something I take for granted, I speed to much
10. I really want to be in the medical field, either a Nurse or Surgical PA.
11. I actually do not like my job, but I pretend pretty good.
12. I am addicted to Texas hold’em poker.
13. I have too much sex that is meaningless.
14. Movies are one of my favorite things to do.
15. I use my credit cards to much, so I cut them up!
16. Distractions are fun, but reality sucks.
17. I have thought about suicide, only thought about it!
18. People often think of me and a good person, but I do have a naughty seed inside.
19. I have grand ideas that I never complete. (incompletionism)
20. I am an (incompletionist)
21. Crying is a way to release that I am ok with! It brings the world back into focus.
22. I eat late at night and I over eat.
23. I want the title of Manger, but I do not want to work
24. I am a caring person.
25. I love my idea of beautiful people!
26. I love Barns & Noble and Borders Books stores
27. I want to move out of the USA for about 3 to 5 years - China, Europe, Argentina, Chile, North Africa, Canada, Aussie land!

A long Weekend Get-A-Way to Cape May!

I had never been to Cape May nor had I been to Wildwoods. But I have to admit, I really enjoy the weekend get-a-way provided by my little Algerian. We walked along the Atlantic Ocean breathing in the sea-air.

We watched the birds flow on the wings above and the shore splashed us when ever it could. The sky was filled with pillows of reddish orange clouds that seem to follow us ever with-way we turned. Off in the distance the pier stood clear of the salty Atlantic as low tide uncovered their bare legs.

The day was long and the time would pass quickly. We had hoped to enjoy as much of nature as we could before the evening slept and night would rise out and conceal all that we've enjoyed this day! I skipped pass a shell resting in the sand - washed ashore. The ornate lines reminded me that life itself is different for each of us, and even when enjoying the same moment our experiences are different, unalike... so very ornate!

I came away from my weekend with even more passion for life, for love, and an eye set upon change. I am thankful for these moments, I am thankful that I get to see more of the world that I thought was gone!