Monday, June 30, 2008


What's in a hair cut? Is it just an expression of ones artistic side or is it an expression of something else; something deeper? I'd like to say, its a bit of both.

We get up, dress ourselves and do our hair, brush our teeth and clean our bodies. If there were no other people around would we do the same? Well, I'm convinced we would. You see, I've recently decided that I wouldn't care what people thought of how I dressed and do my hair. I think this brings about a level of freedom within that can only come from doing something that is completely off the chart. Yes, I love to crack all the so-called norms.

So, yes, I cut my hair into this "MOE-HAWK" (pun) knowing very well that it would get me the attention that I so desperately crave! :) Who knows, maybe they will revive the TV series (A-Team) and call me to play a hotter version of Mr. T.; one can only hope!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the mirror to our eyes

In to the hearts of others does go the light from your heart.
What you breathe we exhale. What you love we desire, what you give we take and what we have become is the image of your works, from your mirror to our eyes!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Excited Sadness!

I am excited. I am excited that I am moving, however, my happiness and excitement has some at a cost; the happiness of those whom I call friend. I try to remind myself that I am not moving to far away, but deep down inside I know that even thirty minutes away can change the interactions of even the closest of friends. So, with all the excitement that I've felt today and days pass it comes at a cost... that being sadness, knowing that I'll miss those I truly care for and beyond.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I had and array of events that happen that triggered something inside me. As random as it my seem, yesterday afternoon I decided that I was moving to Philadelphia, PA. How I came to this decision was equally as random as the events that preceded my decision.

event one:
I eat at a restaurant that I said I would never eat at again. lesson, never say never.

event two:
I took a route to work that I do not take. lesson: faith? who knows.

event three:
I came upon something in the middle of the street; a service drive off the freeway. It was a dog laying down and it looked like he was chewing on something. The something that the dog was chewing on was still alive and moving. I honked the horn of my work van and it frighten the dog and it drop what it was chewing on. The brown and black thing was still moving as I got out of the van to investigate. The dog still standing near by eye transfixed on the wet marble colored object flailing like a fish out of water. I take caution approaching the dogs meal and dogs are know to attack if hungry enough.

I got a bit closer and the dog ran off and stood in the tall grass. I crowed down to get a closer look, and to my surprise it was not a meal that I presumed the dog was eating, but rather, he the dog was a confirmed she. Laying in the middle of the service drive was her new-born pup, eyes still closed, umbilical cord still attached. From what I could tell he was only a day or two old at most.

Why Stereotype or be Superficial?

Stereotyping is a bad thing, being superficial is another bad thing, and if most people can avoid those two things, I believe we would be much better off.

Look at it this way, if we are not being either of those two things, that's being superficial or stereotyping each other we can get down to what is important, like deciding on where we are going to eat tonight, or what movie we are going to watch and best off all but not last is the great hug and comfort you get from having a good friend to share your time with.