Thursday, July 31, 2008


This I feel from time to time. There are days when I throw my hands to the sky and in side I'm SCREAMING WTF!? I had often wonder if anyone understand me or was I just MAD! in a MAD WORLD!

This video by Gary Jules, sums up how I feel and it makes me cry because I feel lost and un-savable like the world around me! I'm sad, in pain, with a fever that never seems to go away. In side we, me, I burn, perdition's brick road clearly in view. So, who can you salvage from the darkness!?!? certainly not me!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheap Media Parlor Tricks

At some point you have to ask... " what is the point " Ok, Yes, I do like Obama. But you have to ask yourself. Why do people fear him? Are they afraid of this skin color? Are they afraid of his ideas? Are they afraid of his (supposed) faith?

Why should we as Americans even care about Obama's faith, ethnicity, whether he's half black, half white, or even as suggested by many whom disavowed Obama as a black man because many believe him to be Arab! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING A HALF WHITE-HALF ARAB PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? Isn't that what this FRACKIN COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON?

This video shows just how stupid people are and can be. You can find a posting on other blogs that captures the same idea as here check it out. (Click Here) The Crucified Heart: Leave Obama Alone

---------- Barack Obama ----------

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Just chillin in Philly with this kat that I just met who seem to be cool people.
I cant way what his name is because I cant even spell. Nonetheless, I think I may
end up liking it here. I will keep you all posted. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The warm sun feels good beaming down on my feet & face. The wind,soft & cool,its prefect.Today,Detroit feels like the home I would never leave.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I have seven days until I move to my new home in a new city. I will leave behind friends, family, and a life that I have enjoyed for many years. I have spent many of my last and few days remaining in Michigan with friends, and I have enjoyed every moment. Its been nice to see people smiling and happy that I am taking a leap to try something new and exciting. I have three more days of work, then off to see my family and other friends in a town called Ann Arbor before I leave. Wow... Seven days to go. Tomorrow... well actually today I will visit moms grave... I was going to wait until the anniversary of moms passing, but I figured that day and hour would be used best for my departure date and time. So, in Seven days one hour, twenty minutes, I will be leaving and starting a new chapter of my life. Who knows, maybe the next chapter after that will be in your town?