Monday, September 29, 2008


what is the easiest way to get your population to conform to
to the ideas that you wish? As a Government, how do you reshape,
mold your population into the lambs that you want them to be?
How dose a Government take control, rule you, without force?

' ____I__KNOW__HOW____ '

Feed you an idea of freedome.
Tell you that money, capitalism matters most.
Build your dreams, of an American dream.
The dream of MONEY< POWER< the thing that rules all.

Now here is the fun part! They scare you! They Scare you!
They put fear in you. The fear of losing it all!
The fear of losing everything you own!
Those things, the things that own you now!

That's now you control a population of millions! Take what
they have, and put the fear of indigence on the table!



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