Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hey... I am officially a year older now! Man, last year was a ride... I was dealing with some interesting things. I suppose it would have helped to talk about those things with friends, but I didn't... I was silly and kept it all bottled up inside, which in my book is not a good thing to do.

So, I start this new year of my life with some interesting goals.

1st: I've decided to write a book! yes, you may be saying to yourself, WHAT? hehe. You are not dreaming; I did say I book. It will be about supernatural creature and what adventures that happen in the world of humans.

2nd: I've decided that it is long past time to shed some pounds... So, at the end of October, I will shift into 4th gear and get cracking. You may be asking yourself, why the end of October. Well, I figured, it would give me plenty of time to not waste money by just taking my time and eating all the old food that I have! Bad strategy? Perhaps, but who know! I'll let you know when I've shed about 40 - 50 pounds.

3rd: I've met someone that I think is a very cool person. He is a little older than me, say about about 10.5 years... but who cares... If Love can find me now, than so be it! :)

And lastly, I am living in my own place in downtown Philadelphia. I plan to end joy the city that I live in by going to more concerts, movies, art fairs, etc. So. lets keep the head up in the air, smile, eat good foods, chat with old and new friends, and just enjoy life for what it is and all that it can be.


I did not check this for spelling and grammar! hehe.

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Mister G.A.G. said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Tony! Wish you a long, happy, successful, healthy and love-filled life! BIG HUG! Looking good for somebody who's 138 :D

God, it's been a W.H.I.L.E. since I last commented on here. Glad you and I are back :)