Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where Is The Peace!?

Tony Johnson-Entezari:
Why do 'SOME' people think it is a good idea to "BURN THE QURAN" on 911???? HOW MANY MORE MUSLIMS ARE WE GOING TO PUSH TO HATE AMERICA BY THIS GREAT INSULT???? Don't people know that America's freedom of speech only applies to AMERICANS!??? More importantly that other people around the world do not necessarily underst...and what our FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS!!!??? THESE IDIOTS! COME'ON - TALK TO ME PEOPLE??? FOR-REAL!
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Rich Lawrence:
Not to mention the thousands of soldiers that are going to be in harms way because of this ridiculousness.... as if they aren't in enough madness already.
Tony Johnson-Entezari:
Rich... I cannot believe - some of us AMERICANS have our heads so far in the sand that we cannot see the greater impact our decisions have on others around the world. Moreover, its so bad that we ignore the simplest of ideas (DO NO HARM).

So... many claim to be good Christians with good (COMMON SENSE), but I do not see it! Its laughable the way some of our Christian brothers and sister respond and not with good will... its with a big stick and criticism of anything that is different. I do not believe these are the ideas that "JESUS" taught, spoke of and hoped that Christians would follow!

Alan Wong:
did you hear what the pastor said? He said "America conquered the world, and now Islam will conquer us!" The guys is an imperialist nutbag.

Tony Johnson-Entezari:
Nut bag is a misnomer! This is a rogue Pastor trying to bring about "Prophecy" of the Great War and End of Day. This man has no regard for the safety of others and willing to disenfranchise Muslims in this awful attack on their most precious jewel, The Quran.

Rich Lawrence:
It's funny to me that there is a Christian that has a problem with an extremist Muslim... Yet he is an extremist Christian!? Last I heard Muslims and Christians were taught not to judge because it isn't their place. Period

Rich Lawrence:
The greatest commandment we are all taught is to love one another.

Tony Johnson-Entezari:
Honey, I am with you on this front... I am afraid of what these idiots are doing in the name of piety!

Nadia Brock O'Brien:
I can't believe they are going to do this in the name of all American.. No thanks!! this puts us all in danger and not to mention the Soldiers over seas right now....

Billy Woo:
You don't see crazy Muslims burning the Bible? Why, because at least they know not to go there out of respect. So why should any Christian burn the Quran?

Secondly, Christianity conquered the world for many centuries. Many bad deeds were don...e and millions of people suffered or died in the name of Christian God. It is a drop in a bucket when you compare the number of American killed by Islamic extremists. See More

Jennifer Pendergrass-Belknap:
we agree tony, some people are just ignorant.

Tony Johnson-Entezari:
@ Billy: Yes, you are correct. Did we all forget what THE LAST CRUSADE was about???? I do believe we "AMERICAN'S" have a 1st Amendment right to express this point of view. But when something like this is broadcaster around the world - we must keep in mind that most countries do not know what a 1st amendment right is, thus the concept escapes them! They do not understand that the President cannot tell or order its citizen to not burn Qurans, which implies that we as a nation agree with such behavior.

Why purposely set out to caution harm!? Why purposely set out to do an act which you suspect would be harmful and could have "Unforeseen" consequences; to prove a point? I wish this pastor was just trying to prove a point. He openly stated that he was a RADICAL CHRISTIAN! Well, since we have a history of rounding up RADICALS... maybe we should round up this mad man!? Once this gets out onto the internet there is not taking it back... It will be picked apart by "REAL ISLAMIC RADICALS" and they will us it to fan the flames of hatred.

Tony Johnson-Entezari:
@ Jennifer: Jennifer, ignorant is one world to use, however, I can think of some words that are not so appropriate to use. But as I just said to Billy... our actions matter... rights or no rights. We live in a MACRO world where news is ins...tant and a decision on this side of the planet can affect and shape the minds of others elsewhere.

To this pastor its just an expression of their free speech, which is their right. But with power comes great responsibility and this pastor has a responsibility to his congregation to be a good Christian, a loving Christian and teach goodness and try and brings people to Jesus not preach or cause hatred.

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