Sunday, January 9, 2011


My days have been just what the title suggest; Dog Days! I mean we use terms like this to describe when things are not so good. I like to think of myself as being a strong person. I have strong ideas, opinions, offensives and defenses. For some, including myself that can be a bit of a problem.

I like to think that I know what I want. I've built my adult life on the foundation that being firm, strong, knowing would being success. Now, here is where the problem lies. I have this crust that is so thick that I'm finding it difficult to break! Meaning that my tactics aren't working... Yes, I'm made myself stronger, but at what cost!?

I keep carrying the same ole' dogged mentality with me everywhere I go and its nothing but destruction! Its so stupid... I have been both virus and cure for my ills, yet I keep reinfecting myself with the same shit over and over... I am my own DOG DAY! and its not over! I need my dog days to be over! I cannot keep being consumed by my own stupidity, lack of vision, and usually over reaching mouth!

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