Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never enough in the World!

Everyone in the world is working at break-neck speed. You may ask your self why, or for what. A friend of mine put up an interesting post on his blog. It was about the break-neck pace of work, money, sex, & ultimately power. I am a man who lives in a world where I must work to live. I must work to purchase food, I must keep the light & heating fuel going.

But is there a point when you've achieved the basic necessities of life that being food and a roof over your head, is there a need to go further? Why should we want to go any further than the basic needs of life. What happen to the days of just reading a good book? What happen to person to person correspondence that we so depended upon before Email, Instant messengers, Mobile phones, etc?

Technology has been a wonderful advancement in how we as human reach and respond to each other. Technology has been great in allowing us to be more connected, however, it has also had an adverse affect. Technology allows us to see horrific, terrible acts being preformed around the world. We sit in front of our HDTV's, our fancy computers, and watch from a far without haven't to interact with those in trouble, those in need of assistance. We may even send some money to a charity that sends money to HATTI! But we feel good after sending that little bit of money and our conscience is here by cleared!

So what is our issue, what the F%@k is our problem? Why is just a little never enough? Ask yourself, Why can't we be real with ourselves so we can be real with the rest of the world? This goes well beyond just you and me; its the world. Please can someone send me to MARS!!!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

First, I'm dead jealous of the new design! Congrats :) Second, thank you for featuring my blog as your pick of the week! I'm over the moon. :)

As for our topic, it's funny because I keep asking myself the same question: when will enough be enough?

While saving up for eventual future dire days (major health problem, professional layoff, bankruptcy, losing one's home, etc.) is said to be wiser, I think being content with just a little is even wiser.

Minimalism is more than a lifestyle, me thinks. :)

As for technology, it did help many of us ascend to better stratospheres of life, whether it be generating revenue from half the world away, getting online degrees or meeting people who put the pieces of the puzzle together.

I, for one, benefited a lot from the Internet. Without it, I wouldn't have met you. Who's got a point now? :p Thanks to it, I now can melt accumulated thick layers of trauma; I'm on a self-love journey that only the Internet allowed.

Technology, at the end of the day, is like money. If you use it well, you'll only benefit; you misuse it and it becomes a vice. An example of bad uses of technology is how gay guys think just cos many things have become a click away, love and romance should be the same.

As for sending you to Mars: DENIED. This world would be sad and colorless without my Tony in it. So, unfasten your belt cos you ain't going nowhere, ya heard? :p

Big hugs!

P.S. Word verification for this post is "Astro". Maybe we should send you to Mars ... the chocolate bar factory! hah ;)

Tony said...

Ha ha, I can always count on you to share a point of view that I may push to the side. Yes, I agree... Tech has it place, but you know people. They are like kids, give them enough sugar and they go crazy!

Anyway... talk to you soon!

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

A point of view you may push to the side?

Explain, mister! ;-)

Tony said...

I'm referring to any point of view that I may not pick up on even in something that I've wrote. For example, you pointed out a particular point of view that I didn't concentrate on, thus it was a valid point that I had pushed to the side - perhaps unknowingly. So, I was thanking you for bringer that other points of view to light! :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Ah, I see. You're excused, then. :p

Tony said...

LOL... thank you for excusing me! I know that was a fine line I was walking... :)