Monday, March 29, 2010

Baecon of Hope

There are times when I know you are tired and you cannot stand on your feet. I know that off in the distance you feel alone and helpless. Close your eyes and put one foot into the waters of the unknown. Now place the other foot in and lay back. stretch your arms out wide and move them through the water.

Release your fear for I am your support. If you cannot swim, I will be your life-raft. Breathe in deep and exhale slowly. Time is absence and we control its hands. Stay focused on your goal - for at the end of this endeavor - you will be successful.

I will let go - one hand at a time - so that you may swim on your own. Keep moving and don't stop. If you get lost - I'll be a beacon of positive hope floating out in the waters of time, so that you will always be able to find your way home.


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Aww, Tony! Not only are you becoming prolific with your regular posts (which I dig!), but this last one sounds like something you have scribbled on paper a while ago.


I'll take that written piece as an ode to friendship, dedicated to me and to all your other friends. ;-)

Tony said...


You are ever so correct. This is a piece that I wrote awhile ago. I re-wrote the piece to reflect today's Tony.

Moreover, the depth of your perception never fails to call attention to the man that you are & that so many wish to be! I've always felt honored to have you as my friend.

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Aww, all the honor is mine in having you in my life and making me reconcile with myself every time we talk!

I recall you telling me about your written ponderings and, judging from this first sample, the rest is pure quality. So, post on :-)