Monday, June 2, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I had and array of events that happen that triggered something inside me. As random as it my seem, yesterday afternoon I decided that I was moving to Philadelphia, PA. How I came to this decision was equally as random as the events that preceded my decision.

event one:
I eat at a restaurant that I said I would never eat at again. lesson, never say never.

event two:
I took a route to work that I do not take. lesson: faith? who knows.

event three:
I came upon something in the middle of the street; a service drive off the freeway. It was a dog laying down and it looked like he was chewing on something. The something that the dog was chewing on was still alive and moving. I honked the horn of my work van and it frighten the dog and it drop what it was chewing on. The brown and black thing was still moving as I got out of the van to investigate. The dog still standing near by eye transfixed on the wet marble colored object flailing like a fish out of water. I take caution approaching the dogs meal and dogs are know to attack if hungry enough.

I got a bit closer and the dog ran off and stood in the tall grass. I crowed down to get a closer look, and to my surprise it was not a meal that I presumed the dog was eating, but rather, he the dog was a confirmed she. Laying in the middle of the service drive was her new-born pup, eyes still closed, umbilical cord still attached. From what I could tell he was only a day or two old at most.

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