Monday, June 30, 2008


What's in a hair cut? Is it just an expression of ones artistic side or is it an expression of something else; something deeper? I'd like to say, its a bit of both.

We get up, dress ourselves and do our hair, brush our teeth and clean our bodies. If there were no other people around would we do the same? Well, I'm convinced we would. You see, I've recently decided that I wouldn't care what people thought of how I dressed and do my hair. I think this brings about a level of freedom within that can only come from doing something that is completely off the chart. Yes, I love to crack all the so-called norms.

So, yes, I cut my hair into this "MOE-HAWK" (pun) knowing very well that it would get me the attention that I so desperately crave! :) Who knows, maybe they will revive the TV series (A-Team) and call me to play a hotter version of Mr. T.; one can only hope!

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