Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So, this is the day that we all EAT too much! Yes, I'm guilty of this! Gorging myself until I can't feel my feet anymore! This is so bad! Yet, I loved every minute of it! hehe. So, here are so photos from my PRE-TURKEY DAY meal!

The menu consisted of the following:
- Red pepper hummus, Garlic hummus & pita bread.
- Roasted potatoes, with red peppers, onions, & fetta cheese.
- Cucumber tomato salad with olives.
- A very tasty Algerian treat called Tamina!
- Another Algerian dish called thayer fe'reh ثايرفي الريح or Vol-au-vent (french)
- Almond & raisin couscous.
- Orange Saffron & rosemary Chicken.
- Spiced Lamb with a Rosemary & Mango Glaze!
- Baklava & Pistachio chocolate rolls


Mister GAG said...

Tony, Tony, Tony! 3 things:

1. Your got a new bomb ass blog layout!

2. It's awful of you to display such indecent pics of such tasty food! Do you have any heart at all? ;-)

3. I am glad your table now has some Algerian on it. :) It seems to make you glow ... ow ... ow :)

If I become the next Pope, would you be my live-in friend and cook? Consider the offer. It'd be at the Vatican after all. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tony said...


You know that you are always welcome to a meal prepared and served by me! and you may get your chance sooner than you think!

I am happy and I have wonderful people around me! So, no complaints there!

And Yes! if you become the next Pope, I will come live and cook for you! :)