Monday, February 14, 2011


Its Valentine's Day Again, which is a day where every single person feels like crap! I like to think that the world is sending a message to singles saying - HEY! Your not worthy! That sucks and is completely not true, because I was one of those singles just a year and a half ago. I'm happy that I have a good mate in my life that is willing to deal with my craziness like no one else could.

So, since I have good love to pass around, I'll pass that love to the singles out there and with a little message from me to you. Guys & Girls, pick up a heart; your own. Life is noting more than moments that pass rather slowly. Savor each moment, for it is when we are not paying attention that time becomes our adversary and we lose track of it! Love more (yourself first), talk less, and listen intently. Always keep your minds eye open to the love that could be right in your face. Don't let the worlds idea of a prefect mate keep you from yours.



FMD. said...

I don't understand all that you write, but I wish for you a Good Valentine's Day to you


thanx 4 spreading the love. i didn't feel unworthy last monday, but definitely unconcerned while listening to other people going crazy about the evening ahead, or the mishaps of the weekend... i was almost grateful i didn't have to put myself through that.