Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Confessions

Confession 11
I love my partner. I would even say he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. But what I’m having trouble with after three years of being together is leaning him! We still argue about silly little things that tend to blow up and become much bigger than it ever should have. Strangely enough, I am sure that he cares greatly for me and he has proven his care and love for me, but at a price that I think is way too high. He has placed his own desires, will and esteem on the back burning. Now, before any of you decided to beat me up… hear me out! I never asked or implied or encouraged this behavior from him. The way in which he describes it goes as follows: Tony you have a very strong personality… I do! Tony you do not know how to just give in… True! Tony you can always argue a good case that makes people question their point… I do! So, am I a bad person because I can argue my points better? Am I a mean person because I look at other ways of approaching a situation? Is it my fault that he ask my opinion and when I provide it with additional feedback he doesn’t like it??? I'm just over us arguing about silly stuff… I just want him to be happy and I don’t know how to shut up and let him have the floor. I have to figure this out! Not sure how… Until next Confession

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