Sunday, November 11, 2012

Loves Hope


From the water’s edge you dashed your foot against a rock twice. The third time you had my full attention. I brushed the droplets of water from my eyes so that I could see you better. Still blinded by the Sun or your smile… You moved as if the water carried you from one end of the lake over to me… not quite in slow motion but slow enough that each flap of winged creatures, each speck of pollen could be seen with my naked eyes, all so beautiful dancing in the air. You were the image of Poseidon’s child, Arabian features trapped between this world and Greece. For a moment all things vanished in a blaze of white and golden clouds. I couldn’t move, still waiting for your first words to pierce my soul. I was too caught in the glory of you to realize you had already shared everything with me and when I remembered I finally knew you!

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