Monday, December 14, 2009

The Xmas - Gift

Christmas is nearly here and I still haven't done any shopping yet! I keep telling my other half that I'm already gone shopping for Christmas. I was happy when we put up the Christmas Tree... I suppose some may find it a bit odd that I have a Muslim partner who has a Christmas Tree in his apartment!

So, we went shopping a couple of days ago and he pointed out one of the gifts that I am getting him for Christmas. I did everything in my power to persuade him that it would be better to get it after Christmas because it would be on sell... or we could find it cheaper else where! LOL...

what a silly little game -- I mean, we invest all this energy and time in a gift that most of us aren't even sure if that person will even like what we got them! Oh, well... I hope he likes this gift! I do thing we have a pretty cute Christmas Tree!


Mister GAG said...

Happy Belated Christmas, Tony! Muslims believe in and highly respect Jesus ... Your other half will confirm ;)

Tony said...

haha... Yes, you are correct. Even before I met him, I live in Detroit Michigan which is next to Dearborn, which has the largest number of Muslims outside of the Middle East.

And the Prophet Jesus from Islam is well known in my family, however they call him the son of God! But you already know that!