Wednesday, December 9, 2009


1. I am not heterosexual
2. I love cooking books & magazines, but I never cook the recipes in them.
3. I have lied to protect my idea of self worth
4. My favorite colors are navy blue & emerald green, but I wear mostly gray & black.
5. I love coffee and often drink too much of it.
6. I can speak “some” Chinese, but sometimes I show off in front of others.
7. My sneakers stink!
8. I snore something wicked.
9. Driving is something I take for granted, I speed to much
10. I really want to be in the medical field, either a Nurse or Surgical PA.
11. I actually do not like my job, but I pretend pretty good.
12. I am addicted to Texas hold’em poker.
13. I have too much sex that is meaningless.
14. Movies are one of my favorite things to do.
15. I use my credit cards to much, so I cut them up!
16. Distractions are fun, but reality sucks.
17. I have thought about suicide, only thought about it!
18. People often think of me and a good person, but I do have a naughty seed inside.
19. I have grand ideas that I never complete. (incompletionism)
20. I am an (incompletionist)
21. Crying is a way to release that I am ok with! It brings the world back into focus.
22. I eat late at night and I over eat.
23. I want the title of Manger, but I do not want to work
24. I am a caring person.
25. I love my idea of beautiful people!
26. I love Barns & Noble and Borders Books stores
27. I want to move out of the USA for about 3 to 5 years - China, Europe, Argentina, Chile, North Africa, Canada, Aussie land!

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as i can see, you are a work-in-progress, as the rest of us.

keep well!!