Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If you ever thought that an American occupation of a foreign country was scary - than you really need to watch this 18 minute video. In 2007 we made another of many bad decides that was caught on tape and leaked to the public three years later - on Monday 4/5/10 - This is exactly why the BUSH Administration should be hailed accountable for their crimes. This is absolutely unbelievable!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Watching this video was as disgusting as it was proof of how killings are happening right and left, FOR NO REASON.

Sad how one's life has become cheaper than cheap, in the name of money and geopolitical manipulation.

Tony said...

Imagine how I feel when its my countries military soldiers that are doing the killing and laughing about it as if to take a life was an easy decision!

I was in tears at the fact that this young soldier blow apart a van stopping to help a journalist - a human being that was dying!

And they were happy at a shot through the windshield of the van with smiles!! this was an over the top display of carnage with no regard or the families, the impact on the community.

That my friend made me sick to my stomach! This is the world that we live in and it is a world that I do not wish to have any part of...

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

I understand how you feel, my Tony, as I also felt angry at the cold reaction of the soldiers. We, however, have to bear in mind that these are only 18-year-olds who have seen nothing in their lives. They got their emotions crippled from an early age so that they are the ones called upon when such inhumane acts need to be carried out.

Those kids will grow to feel guilty, sooner or later, and might even put an end to their lives the same way they put an end to those Iraqis' lives. When you hear how these kids are trained for combat on xBox and Playstation, you understand that all this is a game to them.