Monday, May 10, 2010

The Maddness of Men

I would have to say that I've been a bit stupid. I am not sure if this is a problem yet, but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this type of issue. I have someone I who I am friends with who no longer talks to me yet still hangs out with my boyfriend.

So, I called him and asked. He said it was something to do with not wanting to be a third wheel. I didn't believe him, so I asked what was the real issue. He then opened up and said it was about him thinking I was angry or upset that we didn't hook up? I found this crazy, considering neither of us were interested in each other after our initial meeting, but we hung out as friends.

I probed again - gentility, no, what it the real reason, non of this makes sense. He deferred to a comment that I make a few months prior about a Disney movie with the first Afro-American princess. I joking commented that after all these years she's still not black enough. He was upset with me, but never told me the real reason. He was holding to these feelings. He was hanging out and calling my boyfriend but not calling me or talking to me.

So, I came to him like a man should and as I said before asked why! Again he deferred to a new statement. I didn't know how to being up that I was still upset with that comment you made.

By the end of the conversation, so we made up and called it a day. we agreed that everything was Ok. Its nice to have my buddy back! Sadly, it was the first time we talk in about three months.

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