Saturday, May 1, 2010

What We Had For Breakfast!

Today, Saad and I decided instead of going to Dennys, Bob Evans, I-Hop or Cracker Barrel for breakfast, we would go to the market and pick up some groceries and cook for ourselves. We save a bit of money by doing so and it was a good time for us to bond over brewing coffee and sizzling eggs! The feeling in the air was more than magical, just what Saad and I needed, a quiet comfortable morning.

At the end of whipping up a masterful breakfast we sat in front of an open sliding glass door with a wonderful morning breeze blowing through our flat. Saad sat the table, poured the coffee, the orange juice, and laid the flatware. Our neighbors seem to notice that something was in the air as their heads poked out from behind doors and window to get a whiff of what was cooking! We didn't invite them, but it was fun to watch their smiles and hands rub bellies. It was if they imagined what our breakfast would taste like on their lips.

At last... Breakfast was ready. We sat at the table, Saad saying grace in Arabic. We looked at each other, gave a good smile and dove into what was one of our best breakfast. Off in the distances, neighbors hustled to finish their yard work, lawnmowers buzzing & sheers clipping. We finished our breakfast with a toss of hot hazelnut coffee and a cheese danish. Today is definitely a good day. Our breakfast, Eggs sun-side up, Shiitaki mushroom/redskin potato hash, smoked turkey breast, multigrain roll, fresh fruit, Camembert cheese and you know the rest! YUM!

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Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Now, that is what's called a "royal breakfast". With decoration like that, who'd even think of losing weight?!? I know I wouldn't! :p