Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What is the problem with this situation!

How is it that you can introduce your boyfriend to a friend of yours. Then your boyfriend and your “friend” have conversations that are not discussed with you? They are in a since private conversations that neither your boyfriend or the friend tells you about.

Now, lets had another layers to this situation… There is another “friend.” And your boyfriend goes out to dinners with and not once has invited your to join them… Keep in mind that you haven’t spoken to this other “friend” in about 3 months and neither the “friend” or the boyfriend and mentioned you… ask where are you… when is the last time who spoke!!!

Now, how would you feel if you called your boyfriend and they were on the phone with your “friend” and did not click over to answer you. But instead continued the conversation. When you asked them who they were talking to, they say your friend. You ask why didn’t they click over and they say, because we were have an intense conversation… SHOULD THERE EVER BE AN INTENSE CONVERSATION BETWEEN your mate and your “friend”?

There is more to come on this subject… what do you think people!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

The only way for me to comment on this issue is by directing you to a relationship blog, written by a regular commentator on my own blog, entitled "Love Em or Leave Em".

Tony said...

Thanks for the Blog info! I want to love em and I am not interested in leaving em' but I hope I don't have to chose the latter!

Wilmaryad said...

You're sounding like a politician now. ,-)

Tony said...

what is any relationship if not a bit of politics!? I mean we all have to decide on how we respond, how we engage.

These are calculated decisions - sometimes. I mean, who wants a guy that flies off the handle at every discussion like me!!?

Wilmaryad said...

Don't you think diplomacy takes away spontaneity, which is a vital ingredient of any interpersonal relationship?
I'm not advocating calling the other names when he doesn't go along with our subjective view of what's appropriate and what's not; I'm just wondering why people can't accept the truth while they encourage us to never lie?!?