Saturday, June 5, 2010



You are special and I love the things you do for me. I love the
trips that we take and the time we share together. I know
you love your time with me and that is awesome. But I can't help
but think that you want all my time! I do not necessarily think
that it is a bad thing, meaning you wanting to have all my time.

But keep in mind that if we are sharing a weekend get-a-way and
I have spent 99% of that time with you - It should be ok for me
to do something that I want to do. I really want you to understand
that it is not that I want to run off alone or even do crazy things.
I just want our timed get-a-ways to be fun for the both of us! This
does not mean that I didn't have fun this weekend! I enjoyed the
shopping, food, and most of all the Dolphin watching! It was great.

So, next get-a-way. I am not coming back to the house and sitting on
the sofa to play with my computer, when we could have been out either
me playing poker or us at the beach for a moon lite walk! because we
can (AS YOU WOULD SAY) do that at another time or at HOME! ;)

You have my hope, understand, and even my love!



Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

We want photos! We want photos! We want photos! :)

Tony said...

Ha ha ha.... Photos... Of my compromise!?

Wilmaryad said...

Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins! :)

Tony said...

I have to pull them from his camera! :) now I know what you mean! :)

Wilmaryad said...

Nothing more romantic than watching dolphins, I guess. ;)