Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming Together - Learning A Lesson

You know, today I realized something that I had forgotten. I realized that I have someone that truly loves me for me. I realized that I should be more open, communicate more about things that really matters in my relationship and stop prejudging and trying to determine the outcome before the outcome has even come.

I need to stop pretending that I'm Ms. Cleo, and that my crystal-ball is all seeing and all powerful. Yes, I may have a bit of magic on my side but it doesn't give me card-blanch to make lofty assumptions. I will admit, I'm still a bit ticked that my special someone will not spill his guts about a certain conversation that he had with someone I know. But I guess I will have to man-up and move on!

Its good to know that being a bit older you can still learn now to handle things that come at you. Moreover, I'm happy to say that I am looking forward to seeing how things develop from here on out!

Interestingly enough, we picked up some words of advice from Tatsu 1 & Tatsu 2, a lovely Japanese couple that we met on our visit to the Empire State Building Yesterday. The advice is as follows - The only drama you will experience is the drama that you bring into your own home from outside forces. So, limit the outside worlds exposure to your inside world and let your relationship blossom... words of the wise!

I'm sure the Tatsu's had their share of issues. After all, they have been together for 13 years! ;) I wish them well as do I wish us!

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