Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing The Letter "JAY"

Its good to know that you are fine, calm, and in a reality that works for you. This is only an observation and the photos lend no validity to any thing I've said, but I would hope that it is true, and that your photos reflect my comments, that being happiness, joy, excitement, passion, and artistic love.

You look happy. I like to see you happy. I have thought of you. Time passes so quickly and we get so wrapped up in our life that we sometimes miss the small things that kept us entertained - the things that meant something, the electricity that popped when you walked into a room.

You are by far more than simple entertainment. You were always more. I remember some of the evenings we shared... they were nice, warm, inviting. We were calm. We didn't know what to do with each other. The excitement was fun, the unknowing was trilling; I miss that about you, about us.

Time has been both friend and a cruel master of our years. But I know that in time, we will see each other again; either in this life or the next. But until than, I guess I'm stilling missing the letter "jay" from my alphabet.

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