Friday, March 21, 2008


In harmony with the rebirth of nature, the Iranian New Year Celebration, or NOROOZ, always begins on the first day of spring. Nowruz ceremonies are symbolic representations of two ancient concepts - the End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. A few weeks before the New Year, Iranians clean and rearrange their homes. They make new clothes, bake pastries and germinate seeds as sign of renewal.

Of course you may be wondering why I am posting NoRooz on my blog. I mean, I couldn't be Iranian? Right? Well, to tell you the truth, I have an Iranian Family. And I will be celebrating NoRooz - Persian New Year with my Father, Mother, & younger Brother. My other Brother is back home in Iran getting prepared for his wedding in July, which my younger brother and I will be attending. So, Yes, a wonderful Persian family decided that they loved me so much that they kept me! :) So, back to the Holiday.

The photo that you see is of me sitting in front of a table full of food and other things call Haft-Seen. I better description: A ceremonial table called Sofreh-e Haft Seen (cloth of seven dishes), name of each dish beginning with the Persian letter Sinn. The seven dishes stand for the seven angelic heralds of life-rebirth, health, happiness, prosperity, joy, patience, and beauty. There are different ways to set up your Haft-seen, but ours consist of fruit/apple, candles, fish, wheat/lentil, eggs, Holy book, a mirror, and or photos of family member who are not present or recent passed.

So, I hope you have learned something about Persians and I hope this will interest you to the point that you may want to read and learn about Persian culture, history and Iranian people. :) Take care. Happy Holiday.


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

NoRooz sounds fun and YUMMY! :)

I didn't know you had Iranian blood running through your veins. It doesn't surprise me, though; Iranians are typically big-hearted and friendly. :)

Tanysha Brown said...

Very good job putting this together Tony! My favorite part is the signicance of the seven dishes relative to the seven angelic heralds of life. I look forward to learning more about Persian culture and history! :) Take care.

Tony said...

Tanysha, You are very welcome! I thank you for your interest in Persian culture. I am no expert but I have an awesome Persian family.

P.S., by brother was correct, you are beautiful!