Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Do We Ingore The Pain

Pain is what pain does. That means pain's purpose is to hurt. I'd like to think that pain has a different purpose. But pain's purpose is to alert us of the things that are wrong around & within us. Pain is to let us know when we need to attend to something.

Pain is the ultimate guardian that warns us to take care of that which is scraped, banged-up,or broken. For too long we have ignored the things that pain us. We ignore what our bodies, our surroundings and evening our psyche complains to us about. Some of us, pop a few pills to mask what is really ailing us.

We ignore the pain of the heart just to keep a relationship that does not work and causes more harm than good. Some of us ignore the pain of other, we simply walk by and do nothing - sometimes thinking to ourselves, "I have my own pains". But one of the most troubling things, we ignore the signs of pain from our very own world -- We simply allow governments to say we need resources - resources that destroys our drinking water, the air that we breathe and the land upon which we live. The big question really isn't about the pain. The real question is, Why do we allow it to happen?

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