Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love meeting new people. I've recently, this year met a few people that I have come to care about. It would seem that we have developed a friendship and it appears go be growing. I enjoy talking to them both and wish that they were near or vice verse. I would say that the relationship between both people make me very happy. The both help me deal with this world and the other creatures that live here.

One of the buddies, I will call him Buck, has a great mind, fantastic in the way he phrases words. He's a good guy with a good heart, but I sometime feel that something is missing when we talk. I can feel his bad days and awkward events. I am sad sometime when we speak because I feel that I cannot help him, because he is so far from me. Yes, I am aware that just talking can heal many wounds, but there are somethings that a phone call, internet chatting, video phoning will not heal. Some place in the back of his mind, he knows that I am not near and although my words my comfort; they do not heal.

Its crazy, but sometimes you just need a hug... Not from the people around you, not from mom, not from dad, brother or sister. Sometimes you just need that hug from your friend! You need a hug, a smile, the sound of their voice accompanied by the breath that gave those words meaning. Warm blood pumping from a heart that cares for his friend... That is what I need... That is what I want... and I will wait to get it!

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