Monday, May 26, 2008

In The Name Of!

I am surprised to see so many responses to what people have said here, this is most interesting to me considering the topics of which people here discuss.

What does it mean to make a statement that is profound? How does this change us as individuals? Do we believe if we say something that appears to be profound that it will change our thinking, or are we every bit as ignorant as we were when we started? How do we find the strength to protest what we believe is wrong, yet we fail to rise to a worthy challenge? Why is it that everyone else’s cause becomes our cause and only those who see themselves as virtuous attempt to aid those who are in a false sense of need?

We talk about God as if he/she was running water. We us God’s name to justify our actions, and we speak in Gods place as if we really have in inkling of what the Lord really wants from us. Did it every occur to anyone that maybe God wanted us to learn things for ourselves, that maybe God provided us with all the tools we would ever need to learn about him/her? It is so easy for us to speak on the behalf of the Almighty, reason being, we are afraid to speak for ourselves.

“The Lord said don’t do this, don’t do that, but to do this and to do that.” We speak with such certainty in Gods name and perform some of the most horrific acts in under the banner of righteousness; how can we? What powers have the Lord bestowed upon us that we, his/her/it’s children could ever comprehend what it is like to be omnipotent?

The question here isn’t who or what do you believe in, nor is it, what can God do for us, or help us with. The answer is, God gave us all strength, durability, heart, spirit, mind, and most importantly, choice. It is these things that are the greatest gift any one could ever ask for or want. Use what was given to us wisely, for it is not in our nature to naturally acknowledge our weakness, rather it is to deny them. Moreover, if we accept and learn from our weaknesses, it will make us invincible and that will be the greatest tool for good this world will ever see.

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