Friday, May 16, 2008

work work work!!!

Hey well, it's another day in the little world that is me! :) I have to say that there are a few things that really make me happy. First would be a very cool person that I've met and he's a good guy with an fantastic smile and fabulous sense of humor; YEAH HIM! :)

Anyway, I've been off from work for nearly three months due to some recovery time. But its time to return to the pits of work! Well, maybe not pit, but you get the point. I thought I would have started off with some lite work, but I didn't. I not only started working at my old job, but I went out and got a second job.

Yes, I know some of you may be thinking, "why?" While, I have a goal. That goal is to look at places around the world as a possible destination, a place to live either long-term or short-term. So, I must work like the little/big bee that I am an pay off bills, pay down my debt, and become free of the financial bounds that hold me captive! lol.

I figure by fall of 2009 if I keep to my schedule I'll be at least half down the road that I want. And to make things a bit more exciting, I'm going to a walking adventure , with the another goal of walking off some weight to become a healthier person. Although the salami & cheese sandwich with potato chips this morning didn't help... haha...

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