Monday, April 12, 2010

MOMENT 52 - Finding My Way

How do we decide what is best for us or the people that we love! In life I do believe that there are second chances, and in some cases third chances to get things right. More importantly with these chances will we have actually done right by others!

I am in a state of flux! I'm at a turning point in my adult life, which requires me to not be selfish and think about the well-being of others. Its odd how we think we know what's best for ourselves and even others; but is that a truth? Is it the development of becoming more self-aware that provides this sense of self-awareness or is it just foolish grandeur of a bad mind?

Either way I pray that God who finger tip is the cosmos itself blessed me with the care, kindness, understanding, and will to do right by other and myself. I decide my fate. I decide the rest of what life will be like for me. By making this statement I accept all of my outcomes - I accept me, who I was, who I am, and who I will become!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

No matter how we think we know better, there always will be somebody other than ourselves who knows best.

Here's to self-reconciliation and acceptance! :)

Tony said...

Right! I have had so much on my mind as of late! that I am concern for others... I need to make sure that I am not dragging them a long for a ride that ends without them!