Sunday, April 11, 2010

Only If The Rose!

Haven sent me a rose. It was the most beautiful of all the roses that heaven had ever created. I had asked for this rose and I did everything in my power to obtain it! I was lonely, unhappy, and cold. I thought that if I prayed to the heavens that they would bless me; and so the heavens did.

A beautiful red rose appeared before me. The rose was like no other rose before it and it instantly loved me. The rose was kind to me, treated me with respect, and understanding. The rose gave and gave and gave much of itself to me - so much - that I was overwhelmed by its passion & love.

The rose loved and it loved me, but I did not share the same love that the rose had for me. I thought that I was ready – open – and mature for what I had asked for; but I wasn’t. Time kept pace with me and moved as quickly as sands pebbles through an hourglass, but my feeling for the rose did not develop more!

How do you tell something so beautiful that you love it - but - aren't 'IN LOVE' with it! This was my dilemma. I concealed my true feelings for the rose behind veiled eyes. But the rose was wise and full of spirit. One day the rose wanted to know if it was ok to ask me a serious question. I replied yes rose, ask what you may.

The rose sat up straight – looked me in my eyes. “Do you love me asked the rose?” Of course I love you rose, I asked the heavens for you! No, I so apologize said the rose – are you in love with me!

I had not told the rose my true thoughts hoping that time would fill in the love that was missing… I could not lie… I could not tell someone so beautiful, so kind, and so wonderful that I was not in love. I couldn’t… It was too hard. But the rose who had placed all of its love into me had not received the same passion and fire that it had given to me.

With soft velvet petals, the rose did caress me. From its greens leaf like fingers the rose did fan cool air upon my brow, and with thorns that are to protect, the rose did not harm me. The rose was gentle and loving for all the days we shared!

I… I never wanted to hurt the rose. The rose asked little of me… and here I was about to destroy all that the rose had hoped for and all that I had asked the heavens to provide me with. But I needed to be a man! I needed to tell the rose the truth. Yes, I did and do love the rose… I love you… Yes, I do… but I am not in love with you my dearest rose!

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manuu said...

that was really awesome... i don't understand if people haven't seen ur post or they dint care to comment.. but its :) :)